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Latest News

Global Management of Leg Ulcers Questionnaire

Now that the EVRA results have been released, there is a follow-up survey to see if the results of the trial have altered the management of leg ulceration... Read more

Amazon Smile

The charity arm of the Vascular Society (the Circulation Foundation) has now been registered as a charity on Amazon Smile so we would be very grateful if shopping... Read more

Vascular Biology Open Access Journal

Vascular Biology is a new open access, peer-reviewed journal devoted to vascular biology in disease, injury and regeneration, led by an esteemed editorial board. The... Read more

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Keele Clinical Leadership and Management Course for Surgical Specialties

Developing Effective Clinician Leaders Courses to inspire and enable you to fulfil your leadership potential Specifically designed for each clinical... Read more

Lower Limb Endovascular Symposium 2018

The aim of the meeting is to bring together experts and clinicians from a varied background with an interest in developing and enhancing their lower limb endovascular... Read more

9th Annual EVF HOW

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